Artwork - Holi 1

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Artprint Edition: CHF 600

Artprint Collector: CHF 1650

Artists-Choice: CHF 2450

The Story Behind The Shot

The Holi Festival is celebrated because of Lord Sri Krishna. People all over India participate in the festivities, but the town of Vrindavan plays a special role since this is where Krishna spent his youth and fell in love with Radha. The legend of the Holi Festival says that darker skinned Krishna felt self-conscious being with the lighter skinned Radha, so his mother advised him to paint her so that there wouldn’t be any difference in complexion anymore. Since then, Holi is celebrated by applying color on loved ones. In spite of the tremendous joy I felt spending days celebrating, some of my cameras barely survived the dust of colours. 

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* C-Print is the high quality and heritage way of printing artwork for museums and galleries.
** The Artists Print are the copies I made for myself.