2023 November

Photographers can't always choose the weather

2023 October

Louis Vuitton Foundation

For once on the other side of the camera.

Amazing Mark Rothko Show in the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.

2023 September

ENEA Gardens, Kitzbühel

2023 July

Behind The Scenes

2023 June

Travels in Korea

2023 May

Artwork shown at ENEA Inside Out Store at Löwenplatz/Gessnerhof in Zurich

2022 December

A few days of rest after months of hard work across three continents - enjoying paradise; the Strait of Malacca

2022 November

Photoshoot in South Africa

2022 October

Photoshoot in New York City, USA

2022 June

Southern States, USA

2022 May

Verhandlungsexperte Matthias Schranner, Zurich

2022 May

My oversized artwork Cherry Blossom was delivered and installed at a client's home

2022 March

ENEA Gardens Côte d'Azur, Cannes

2022 February

Swiss RE, Zurich

On your marks, get set, GO!


Photoshoot with the CEO and chairman of the board.


2022 January

Face of Europe: Stern magazine

What a joy – the german weekly magazine STERN just published a 13 page story with my FACE OF EUROPE pictures. Certainly a good start for this long term photoproject which I just completed in December 2021.

2021 December

Face of Europe: Book out now

I’m very happy to announce my new book, Face of Europe. Since 2012, I have been traveling across Europe portraying people from all walks of life. 


2021 September

Great assignment at ART Basel: I am very happy the clients are back!

2021 September

Mediterranean water

In September I continued working on my windows series of artworks by exploring the diverse and vast beauty of the mediterranean sea.

2021 August

Gardens of Switzerland & Austria

2021 July

Face of Europe Book: Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

2021 June

Siberia: Tree Project

2021 April

Bordeaux: Tasting the 2020 vintage

2021 März

Chasing Mountains: Zermatt

2021 March

Face Of Europe: Concept of new book

2021 February

Shooting in the Snow, Switzerland

2021 January

Tree Project: Costa Rica

2020 December

Chasing Mountains: Jungfrau

2020 September

Tree Project: Engadin

2020 June

Paris: First Photoproduction after Lockdown

2020 May

First Tourists in Venice after Lockdown

2019 October

Somewhere between Schindellegi and Rio de Janeiro

During 2018 and 2019, we mostly lived in Paris, while I commuted to Switzerland. Those were years of heavy travelling with all kinds of jobs in Switzerland and all over Europe. But sometimes the journey took me even further: to Kenya, Japan or to cities like Rio de Janeiro. 

2019 July

Art Delivery: Vakil Mosque of Shiraz, Iran

2019 April

Bordeaux: Primeur Week

2019 March

London: Unique woman shoot

In March 2019, we were shooting a campaign in London, the unique women shoot for UBS. It’s always nice being able to have a sip of champagne and a chat with all the models, the whole crew and clients after a long day of shooting.

2018 September

Face of Europe: Selecting pictures

2018 April

Cherry Blossom: Sakura Matsuri, Japan

2018 March

India: Corporate photoshooting

2018 March


2017 November

Photoshoot in the Lavaux

2017 July

Face of Europe: Carpentry at the Ural

2017 July

Art Collection in Gstaad

2016 July

Face of Europe: Europe’s largest Slum „Canada Real“ in Madrid

Face of Europe brought us to all kinds of places. I hadn’t been aware that there was so much poverty and even slums here in Europe. The Cañada Real in Madrid is Europe’s largest slum with about 8500 inhabitants. We also went to a few other slums in Europe for the project: Sevilla’s Tres Mil Viviendas and Marseille’s quartiers nords where not even the police dare to go. The atmosphere was quite strange as on the one hand, we encountered incredibly loving and helpful people that enriched this project and on the other hand, we also saw quite a few armed people standing there. I believe that only and especially because of such acts, we were able to produce a real and authentic Face of Europe. 

2016 July

Indian Ocean in Knysna, South Africa

2016 February

Freediver Hanli Prinsloo with Seals, South Africa

2016 January

Annie Leibovitz with Damilola Odusote and me at her woman exhibition in London

In 2016, I got the opportunity to attend the grand opening of Annie Leibovitz’ exhibition WOMEN: New Portraits in London. While my friends’ heroes were Mick Jagger or Patti Smith, Annie was my rockstar when I was a teenager. Her exhibition was held at the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, a redbrick ex-industrial space, far away from the high-end galleries of London’s West End. It was a great show about Annie’s project Women that she had started with her late partner, Susan Sontag, in 1999. The artist on the left is Damilola Odusote who is one of my favorite artists who is known for his eclectic abstract paintings and artwork. It was a great honour for me to attend and also lots of fun to spend a long evening together. 

2015 June

Royal Ascot, UK

2015 February

Hong Kong: Shooting at the Victoria Peak

2015 August

Face of Europe: Quarry in Malta

2015 August

Crew Picture in Zürich with Andrea Kummler and Jonas Oswald

2014 July

Face of Europe: Scandinavians

2014 Juni

Face of Europe: forest workers in Pyaozersky, Russia

2014 January

Great Wall: China

2013 September

Face of Europe: Project Start in Lithuania

2013 March

Holi Festival, India

2012 August

New York Fashion Shoot

2011 July

Bookbridge Academy, London

2011 March

Longest tunnel in the world: Gotthard, NEAT

On the 23rd of March 2011 the drilling work was completed in the Gotthard Base Tunnel that had been built since 1999. It’s the longest tunnel in the world, with a total route length of 57 km. I documented this project photographically from start to finish for Keystone Agency and also have had the chance to revisit it since then. At the breakthrough, I was inside the drillhead and took some incredible shots of this historical moment. 

2006 August

Moran Maasai Warrior School

2005 September

Freestyle, Zurich for Keystone

2005 May

Kuarupe Festival, Xingu, Brasil

2005 April

Swiss Athletes: Simon Amman, Marcel Fischer, Roger Federer, and Fabian Cancellara

2005 February

Pipilotti Rist, Zürich for Keystone

2004, September

AIDS, Zimbabwe

2002 April

Aging: Swiss Photo Press Award

2001 Juli

Loveparade: Berlin for Keystone

2001 January

Tonga: First light of the millenium

1999 August

Flag thrower in Jungsfrau Region

In my time as a photographer for Keystone I tried to illustrate the great topics of our time through expressive imagery. The relationship between Switzerland and the EU was a special challenge for me, because it can’t easily be portrayed. My idea of a flag thrower with an EU and a Swiss flag in front of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau wasn’t well received in the editorial meeting. After nobody had come up with a better idea, I had an EU flag made and hiked onto the Männlichen in Jungfrau Region with a Swiss flag thrower. This snap shot was captured when the Swiss flag slipped away from the flag thrower, which humorously illustrated the heated political environment of the 1990s. For many years, this was one of the most published photos in Switzerland.

1999 March

Piccard, Balloon around the globe

In March 1999, Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones completed the first ever successful non-stop balloon circumnavigation of the globe. They were also the first time not requiring any fuel, being carried only by a series of jet streams. The flight started in Château d’Oex in Switzerland and ended after 19 days, 21 hours and 47 minutes in Egypt. I took this picture of the landing from the air, since we couldn’t land on the plateau for geographical reasons. It was a rather difficult mission to accompany the balloon with our small plane, a Pilatus PC-12, during a big part of his journey, since we had to go get constantly new permits for flying over foreign territory. 

1989 November

Me taking pictures of Diego Armando Maradona

1987 October

Child Labour: Potosi/Bolivia

On my first trip to South America in 1987 I also went to the Altiplano in Bolivia, the high plateau in the Andes, and the city of Potosí. It is a very dry and barren landscape on about 4000 m above sea level. In the early 17th century, this big city was made rich because of the silver and tin deposit. The tunnels deep down in the mines are very narrow, so only small people can access them, which is one of the reasons why many kids work in there, just as this 12 year old boy. Child labour in the mines is still happening today; in 2014 the Bolivian government passed a law establishing the minimum age of workers at 11 years old and regulating what activities are forbidden for adolescents, in order to adapt restrictions imposed by international conventions on child labour.

1987 September

El Petén: Ocelot and Macaw

1985 February

Portrait of Elton John

As most teenagers and young adults in the 80s we went to many great concerts. While my friends were carried away by the music, I tried to shoot extraordinary pictures for various newspapers and image agencies. At an Elton John gig I discovered the reoccurring reflection of the keys in his glasses. At that time there was neither autofocus nor digital photography, so it required the highest level of concentration to catch exactly the right moment where Elton John’s fingers played the keys and to get a sharp photo onto the film.