As an artist and photographer, I’ve always dreamed of giving Europe a face. In order to achieve that, I traveled to all 49 countries. From Malta to the North Cape, from the Ural mountain range to Portugal and Iceland – from the most remote areas to the largest metropolises in geographical Europe, to take pictures of the inhabitants of this continent. During the various trips I portrayed around 1300 people. In doing so, a range of cultural diversity was revealed to me, which can be felt despite globalization, the Internet, political changes and alliances.

My approach for a portrait was always the same: Together with my assistant, I set up an improvised outdoor photo studio, which was reduced to a neutral background, a tripod and a large-format camera. We were looking for people in everyday situations from all walks of life and society. The picture was created within a few minutes.

As a photographer, a Europe that was as unexpected as it was globalized was revealed to me. A Europe in whose remotest areas the same T-shirts are worn and the same music is heard as in the great metropolises of the world; and yet the regional and cultural anchoring is clearly noticeable.

And now, after the long work, the product is ready, the FACE OF EUROPE book is printed and available in German and English.

German version on the left, English on the right

The book has 180 pages, linen hardcover, 49.90 CHF (plus 8.50 CHF shipping to switzerland, for shipping outside switzerland prices are on request). There is also a limited edition with 3 different front- and backcover pictures plus a 20/25 fine art baryta print for 349.90 CHF.

If you want to order my book, you can contact me by email: martin@ruetschi.ch