Artwork - Leopards 1

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Artprint Edition: CHF 600

Artprint Collector: CHF 1650

Artists-Choice: CHF 2450

The Story Behind The Shot

For 25 years, I’ve frequently visited Africa for wildlife photography. Most of the time, I’ve spent searching for and photographing leopards as they are fascinating animals. On that very day, shortly before sunset, I spotted this beautiful male leopard. To get a nice sight of him, we had to cross the Talek river with our land cruiser. We had just stopped the engine when the leopard stepped on a dead tree in the last sun rays. To our greatest surprise, the two little cubs followed their father over the tree and after less than five seconds, the family was gone. This is a very unusual sight, especially during day time, because males nearly never spend time with the cubs and it’s rare for leopards to have more than one cub at a time, at least in this area.

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** The Artists Print are the copies I made for myself.