Artwork - Giraffe

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Artprint Edition: CHF 750

Artprint Collector: CHF 1700

Artists-Choice: CHF 7800

The Story Behind The Shot

In 2019, I had the assignment to take a picture for a huge staircase. I though a giraffe would make a great impression: When you’re on one of the upper flours, you encounter the giraffe face to face, and when you walk out the door, you see its feet. One of the best places to take pictures with giraffes is Crescent Island on Lake Naivasha in Kenya. It’s an interesting place; since there aren’t any predators, the Maasai giraffes walk around freely, even though they’re completely wild. While taking the picture, I suddenly got quite scared because somehow my local assistant Joseph had gotten really close to this giant animal. 

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* C-Print is the high quality and heritage way of printing artwork for museums and galleries.
** The Artists Print are the copies I made for myself.